Camp FAQ for Young Writers

These responses were written by campers when our camps met in person–how wonderful that all of the answers will be the same when we are meeting online!

by young writers for young writers

What will I be doing all day? (video)
You will either be writing, finding out ways to make your writing better, or walking to places to write. You get to hear other people’s writing, which gives you great ideas for your own. Plus you get to hang around with other kids who like to write, I mean, really like to write!

How is Camp different from school? (video)
Creative Writing Camp is way different from school. You get to write what you want. There are no boundaries other than your own.

Will I be told what I have to write? (video)
No. There are some exercises that will help you get an idea (or two…or four) if you’re stuck.

What if I’m shy about sharing my writing? (video)
If you are uncomfortable sharing your writing, just tell the adult in your writers’ circle that you are. You can read it to them, and you’ll get feedback. In my first year, I was very shy about sharing my writing because I didn’t want to be discouraged. But you really shouldn’t be shy because when you do share your writing everyone has so much to offer you. In writers’ circles, you not only get feedback from your teacher but from your writing mates as well and when I took their advice my writing really grew.

Will it be fun? (video)
YES! It’s not just fun. It’s AMAZING. You really get to shine at camp and it’s nice to have the opportunity to hear from other writers as well. You meet great people and you are praised for your writing. You really get to be yourself and have a spectacular time while you are at camp.

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