Camp Nitty-Gritty

Where Should I Go?

Wilson Center for the Arts

19805 W. Capitol Dr, Brookfield, WI 53045
Someone will meet you at the entrance on the first day. After that, you may go directly to our room  inside the center.

When Should I Arrive?

Camp Hours: 9:00 am – 2:30* pm  (Please arrive no earlier than 8:45 each morning. We will walk campers to the circle drive at 2:30–no need for driver to enter the building.)

If you must reach us during camp hours, please do not call the Wilson Center. You may  contact Lead Coach, Anne, at the phone number provided in other materials. If no one answers, please leave a message or text. 

What should I bring?

See “Red Oak Creative Writing Camp Checklist”

What will the days “look like?” 

On the first day, we’ll begin with some icebreakers to help us get comfortable.

Following some exercises to get our ideas flowing, we’ll settle into a sustained period of writing. (We like to call it our “sacred” writing time, and it usually takes place outdoors, weather permitting.)  During this time, writers are free to expand upon the writing they began in our exercises or explore another genre or writing project of their choice.

Lunch is eaten outside (again, weather permitting) with time for campers to stretch their legs and socialize.

Most afternoons are dedicated to small Writers’ Circles in which campers share a portion of the writing they have done for the day. Others in the group provide supportive feedback and give ideas for revision. Many campers say this is their favorite part of camp.

In addition, we sprinkle in some hands-on activities and “out of the box” thinking exercises to stretch the creative sides of our minds.

By the end of the week, we will ask our writers to choose one of their pieces-in-progress to include in our camp anthology. They will turn in this piece either as hard copy or send it via email.  Campers will read a portion of this piece in our Writers’ Showcase on Friday starting at noon. Participation is optional but encouraged. Parents/guardians/friends are welcome to attend (masks required).

*Camp will dismiss immediately following the Showcase on Friday, usually around 2:00.

A note about cell phones and other technology: Camp is a time to focus on your writing, the other participants, and the writing coaches. During camp hours, technology should be turned off and in a backpack (unless you are composing on a laptop). Red Oak accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY for any electronics brought to camp.

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