Every day, I work with writers like you: toiling away alone at a desk, hoping to make your writing dreams come true. You know it takes many drafts to make your writing sing, and you’re willing to do the hard work of revision. You have what it takes.

But you could also use a little help.

Maybe you’re looking for the insight of a thorough and trusted reader who can reflect back to you what is working and what just plain needs work in your manuscript. Someone with enough distance to be objective, while offering suggestions to push your writing to the next level.

You’ve come to the right place.

All My Expectations Were Met and Exceeded

Jennifer Trethewey

Author of the House of Balforss series (Entangled Publishing)

From Manuscript to Published Book

Nancy Bauer-King 

Author of Madness to Ministry (Orange Hat Publishing)

One of the best professional decisions I’ve ever made

Myles Hopper

Author of My Father’s Shadow (Ten-16 Press)


Tom Hanratty

Author of The Singular Adventure of Charles Goodfoote and The Wicked Affair of the Golden Emperor

A Gift

Dr. Bruce Campbell

Author of Reflections in a Head Mirror

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