The Moving Pens Process

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What is the process?

Prior to each session, you will be asked to share your pages as a Word doc or Googledoc with the other members of the group. (Word count will depend upon the number of people in the group that session.)

When it is your turn, you will read your work aloud while the others read along. They will take notes.

The leader will invite discussion about big picture elements (what seems to be at the heart of the piece) as well as “hiccups” (places where we see opportunities for revision) and “kudos” (aspects of the writing that we appreciate and admire).

During this time, the writer is listening and taking their own notes. This is not a time for them to engage in dialogue with the other members but to take in the different reactions of colleagues.

The leader will sum up the main points and share some insights of her own.

Participants are welcome to record the discussion of their piece to listen to later.

Does the group lack the intimacy of the face-to-face groups? 

While there is definitely something special about being in the same physical space together, those who have participated in the Online Roundtable say they’re surprised at how close the group feels to “real life.” Read some testimonials.

What do I need technology-wise?

We use the Zoom videochat platform, so you’ll need a high speed internet connection, a computer with a camera and microphone, and an email address where I can send your invitation to the video chat and where you can receive the work of the other members.

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