Eavesdropping on the Writers’ Check-in


One of the benefits of being a Red Oak Penmonkey Member is our weekly online check-in–a chance to share victories and challenges, get advice, and laugh with others at different places on their writing paths. Here’s what grabbed me last week:

On taking creative risks in our writing… in a conversation about the stories of Haruki Murakami in Men Without Women: “Murakami was out on a limb and was sawing the branch but he didn’t fall. I want to write like that!”

Considering the first draft…”Even Michaelangelo roughed up (out?) David before he started smoothing and polishing the sharp edges.”

Quoting Fred Shafer in his class on the paragraph…”Writers bail from their paragraphs before they fully explore everything there is to discover within.”

The general conversation that sprang from that…The “big questions” we ask of our own existence might well be asked of our paragraphs or drafts:
Where did I (it) come from?
Why am I (is it) here?
Where am I (is it) going?

What a gift to fall into conversations about writing with such insightful, generous artists. We’d love to have you join us! Learn more about the benefits of Red Oak Membership.