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Are there a aspiring writers in your life?

Show them that you support their passion and believe in what they do. A Red Oak gift certificate can be applied to Manuscript Critiques ($5/250-word page), One-on-One Coaching ($50/hour), Roundtables ($105/series) and Craft & Publishing Workshops ($50/workshop), and, for youth, Summer Creative Writing Camps ($350/week).

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What will I be doing all day? (video)

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Will I be told what to write? (video)

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Will it be fun? (video)

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How is camp different from school? (video)

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What if I’m shy about sharing my writing? (Video)

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Camp Brochure

Click here for a pdf of our Creative Writing Camp Brochure with dates 2.5.18  which includes registration information.

Camp FAQ for Young Writers


by young writers for young writers

What will I be doing all day? (video)
You will either be writing, finding out ways to make your writing better, or walking to places to write.You get to hear other people’s writing, which gives you great ideas for your own. Plus you get to hang around with other kids who like to write, I mean, really like to write!

How is Camp different from school? (video)
Creative Writing Camp is way different from school. You get to write what you want. There are no boundaries other than your own.

Will I be told what I have to write? (video)
No. There are some exercises that will help you get an idea (or two…or four) if you’re stuck.

What if I’m shy about sharing my writing? (video)
If you are uncomfortable sharing your writing, just tell the adult in your writers’ circle that you are. You can read it to them, and you’ll get feedback. In my first year, I was very shy about sharing my writing because I didn’t want to be discouraged. But you really shouldn’t be shy because when you do share your writing everyone has so much to offer you. In writers’ circles, you not only get feedback from your teacher but from your writing mates as well and when I took their advice my writing really grew.

Will it be fun? (video)
YES! It’s not just fun. It’s AMAZING. You really get to shine at camp and it’s nice to have the opportunity to hear from other writers as well. You meet great people and you are praised for your writing. You really get to be yourself and have a spectacular time while you are at camp.

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Creative Writing Camps for youth entering grades 6-12

Time, Space, Support, Community…

RO 8

Led by accomplished writing coaches who tailor activities to the age and interests of each group, Creative Writing Camps provide young writers with the time, space, support, and community they need to nurture their passion for writing.

RO 36

Each day includes some light-hearted activities, age-appropriate lessons on the craft of writing and, best of all, time to write. The grounds at all our locations provide a lovely setting for gathering inspiration and listening to the writer within. We work outdoors as much as the weather will allow.

RO 27

During the week, our writers share their work with others in a small writing circle to receive valuable input and support. Many list this as their favorite part of the week because they may not have writing friends at school or in their neighborhood. Friendships form quickly and last beyond the end of our week at camp.

RO 29

On Friday, young writers stage a studio reading of their favorite writings. Participation is optional. Friends and family are encouraged to attend.

RO 30

Use the drop-down menu under “For Youth” to learn more


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