Online Camp FAQ’s

Will campers be looking at a screen all day?

No! Here’s the basic schedule:

  • Check In & Creativity-Sparking Activities to get our pencils/fingers/creative mind moving. This is real-time and interactive. These may turn into longer pieces of writing later or may serve the purpose of “playing scales” like musicians do. (Set up will be on screen but writing can take place off computer if desired)
  • Prep for “Sacred Writing Time” This will be brief with inspiring words from published writers.
  • “Sacred Writing Time” We encourage writers to find a comfortable place to write: a hammock in their yard, a quiet corner of their room, plugged into music, etc. The time is “sacred” in that they may write ANYthing in ANY form or genre that they want. The only stipulation is that they try to write for the whole time—taking a few stretch breaks here and there. (Writer’s choice: write on computer or paper.)
  • Lunch Time: Day One, we will eat lunch “in” break out rooms to get to know our Writers’ Circlemates. Leaders will facilitate some getting-to-know-you activities to help the groups bond. (Thereafter, campers will have a choice whether they want to eat lunch “with” others on screen or away from the computer.)
  • Writers’ Circle: Break into small groups to share work and give and receive feedback.
  • Closing Game/Activity: Something fun to pull the whole group together again and to reflect on our day/writing.

Partway through the week, we will have a visit from a guest author who will share expertise, answer questions, and inspire our aspiring writers.

Will this just feel like more online schooling?

We hope not! We have always aimed for a “camp” feel rather than a “classroom” feel, and being online will not change that. I have been running workshops, check-in groups, and writers’ showcases for adult writers for awhile now, and our feedback shows that people feel more connected and “together” than they had expected to.

Is there financial assistance for people who need it?

Yes! Learn how to apply for funds. It is a simple process, and we will award grants as long as donations can support them.

What technology do I need?

You’ll need a device with a microphone and camera and reliable internet connection. We will use Zoom. Here is a link to information about using Zoom if you have not done so before: Participants are responsible for their own hardware/connectivity issues. Red Oak accepts no responsibility for any issues that might arise from using the Zoom platform.