Craft & Publishing Workshops


Join other writers and experts in the field to learn about topics relating to writing and marketing your work. These interactive workshops  allow you to dig deeper into your work and learn from other committed writers in a collegial setting.

Fall 2020 TBA

Here’s a list of our Spring 2020 classes to give you a taste of what we offer… 

Setting: Where Are We Anyway?
with Deb Brenegan

Setting can do so much more than describe place. It can develop character, augment conflict, and reinforce theme.  In this session, we’ll explore the uses of setting and  practice techniques to make setting work on multiple levels.

Paths to Publishing: The Power of Print-on-Demand
with Kim Suhr

Today, it is not only possible but fairly easy for you to create a professional-looking book and have it available for sale on the Internet with minimal financial investment. Gain an introduction to the basics of print-on-demand publishing.

The Paid Writer: How to Start Freelancing…Without Writing for Free
with Jessica Noel

Students will learn the common misconceptions about being a paid writer, take the critical first steps that many writers skip, and walk away with an action plan for writing productivity and profit.

Whose Point of View is it Anyway?
with Janet Burroway

Point of View is the most complex element of fiction writing, the most difficult to understand and the most difficult to accomplish. It consists of many moving parts. And yet this skill is the first thing that announces to an editor the presence of an amateur or a pro. This workshop will combine analysis of other writers’ work with practice and discussion to refine your POV technique.