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NOTE: If you are a current member of our Roundtable groups and have news to share, please send it kim[at]redoakwriting {dot} com. Unfortunately, spammers have made it impossible to leave comments open for folks to share their news directly.


  1. From Mel Miskimen: Mel Miskimen’s story about chaperoning her daughter’s 8th grade class
    trip to Washington DC won the Milwaukee Moth Grandslam championship!

  2. From Joel Habush:
    I’ve discovered that half the fun of writing is a submission. Just ask Sam Taylor-Johnson.
    I’m about ready to submit my short story concerning a man willing to sell his soul to the Devil in exchange for becoming a writer. I’ve rewritten it extensively after Red Oak round tabling it.
    Problem is I’m torn as to which category I should submit it in
    —Horror, Fantasy…or Memoir.

  3. I’m excited to announce the acceptance of my romantic-thriller The Arrangement as a serial fiction on the Radish Fiction app! Fans of romance (or reading in general) can download the app for free and read the chapters, or episodes, as they are released twice a week. The episodes are unlocked for free reading after 7 days, but if readers are hungry for more they can certainly purchase coins from their profiles to access the chapters early! The synopsis can be read here . It’s going to be a wild ride and I’m both excited and nervous to have my first publicly available piece of writing out there. Happy Reading!

  4. I was pleased to learn that my poem, “Remembering Ellen Kort,” will be published in the 2019 Wisconsin Poets Calendar. Also, I will be speaking to the Hales Corners Woman’s Club on Friday, March 2 about my writing life and, in particular, my recently published book, “The Romance of Anna Smith and Other Stories.”

  5. Dreams do come true! Sit Stay Heal will be read on Wisconsin Public Radio’s Chapter A Day starting MAY 1!
    I can remember, being in my kitchen, with a toddler on my hip and a sassy & smarty pants four year old, listening to Jim Fleming reading, thinking to myself, “Gee, someday . . . maybe . . . I’ll write a book and wouldn’t it be great if it was on Chapter A Day?”

  6. My book, Sit Stay Heal will be read on Wisconsin Public Radio’s Chapter A Day!
    Host, Jim Fleming will be reading an abridged version, over a two week period in March or April. The show airs locally on 90.7FM at !2:30pm. Eat lunch and listen!

  7. I am the proud winner of the 2017 SCBWI-Wisconsin Middle Grade Mentorship with Gayle Rosengren. Looking forward to revising and polishing my novel, Spice Island.

  8. Still glowing from the publication of my poem, “deforestation,” in the Creative Wisconsin Literary Journal. I’m in the good company of other Red Oak Writers: Nancy Bauer-King, Bruce Campbell, Mel Miskimen, Marjorie Pagel, Karin Schmidt, Margaret Swedish and Carolyn Toms-Neary. Submissions for the 2017 edition are open to WWA members until Mar 31, 2017.

  9. Am still amazed that I was chosen as the 2016 Jade Ring winner for my short work of fiction “Beware the Bindlestiff” by the Wisconsin Writers Association. My thanks to judge Patricia Skalka for “getting” me and especially for comparing my work to Jane Hamilton’s, “The Excellent Lombards.” Nancy Jesse, the contest coordinator was wonderful to work with and Jennifer Rupp made my reading ordeal much easier. Made a lot of new friends at the conference and listened to some fantastic talent too. I’m still a little bit shocky and, yes, Kim, still glowing. Oh yeah, I also made the Creative Wisconsin Literary Journal – hoot, hoot!

  10. I’ll be reading from my book, Sit. Stay. Heal. and Seamus, my black lab will be ‘pawtographing’ books in Madison at A Room Of One’s Own bookstore October 7 at 7 – 8pm. If you can’t make it to the September 14th reading at Boswell Books in MKE, come to Madison. A labrador in a bookstore? What could go wrong?

  11. My memoir Life on the Loose, My Journey from Suburban Housewife to Outdoor Guide, published in April 2016 is available at Amazon, local bookstores, and from HenschelHaus . People interested in restaurants can read my 2-3 monthly reviews on Urban Milwaukee Arts and Entertainment……and chef profiles. And…..look for my monthly reviews in Riverwest Currents.

  12. I am thrilled to announce my chapbook What is Endured, has been accepted for publication by Finishing Line Press. Pre-ordering is available now at
    I am grateful for all the input I have received from my Red Oak Writing pals on many of these poems and grateful to be among many of the fine authors published at Finishing Line Press.

  13. Just received notification that my humor piece, “The
    Back-STory Hour,” won Second Place honors (and some actual cash) in the Humor Press 2nd quarter 2016 national writing competition. You can find it at, or just wait; I’ll let you know when it’s up on my website.
    I’ve had a lot of success with this outlet: A few Honorable Mentions, some Semi-Finalists, more Finalists, and in coveted Winners Category, paying down from first to fifth place, I’ve won two Fifth Places, one Third Place (end of December 2015) and now six Second Places. Still chasing that brass ring. Some of the winners are on my website. I think all of them were Roundtabled at Red Oak—maybe not fully for the most recent one, but I did go over it a bit with Kim.

  14. Book launch for Sit Stay Heal will be September 14, 7pm at Boswell Books 2559 North Downer Ave. in Milwaukee. Seamus will be there to paw-tograph your copy! My father will be there to answer all your dog training questions.

  15. I’m excited to report two recent publications: “How to Play with Fire” at the Midwest Review ( and “Nothing to Lose” at the Stonecoast Review ( Both pieces are in my collection “Nothing to Lose & Other Stories,” which is currently looking for a publishing home. Many thanks to Pam Parker and her Roundtable participants who critiqued an early version of “Fire” and to my instructors and workshop mates at the Solstice MFA Program!

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