A Message from Director, Kim Suhr

Dear Ones

I hope you and yours remain in good health—in mind, body, and spirit! I have heard from many writers that the past years of pandemic and political division in our country have left them having a difficult time focusing on their craft: understandably so. We have not experienced something like this in our lifetime, and it will take awhile to adjust. But adjust, we must. (And we will!)

Red Oak’s “subtitle” is A Unique Community of Writers, and maintaining this community for you is at the top of my priority list. It has been beautiful to see the caring we have for each other—in the weekly Writers’ Check-ins, email connections, in links shared on social media. I’m so grateful to be able to offer Roundtables, workshops, and youth creative writing camp—all to nurture your writing and your connections to others.

In uncertain times, it can be a real challenge to recognize the worth of our writing. We might wonder why we should bother with our “little stories” (or poems or essays or…) But, now more than ever, may we remember what brought us to writing in the first place: the call to connect with others about the things that make us human. Think of the reading you are doing these days: for information, for inspiration, for escape. Now imagine the world without those words. What you do matters. Please don’t forget that.

Of course, I hope to see you at one of our upcoming events, but, more importantly, take good care of yourself and those you love.

Write on!