Our Roots

In 1993, Judy Bridges, founder and director of Redbird Studio in Milwaukee, invited 14 young writers into the studio for a week-long creative writing camp. In the years since, the program gradually blossomed into four weeks (serving 80 kids each summer), Writers’ Circles, and other young writer events. The Redbird staff grew, our offerings grew and it was time for the young writer portion of Redbird to put down some roots of its own.

Under the name, Red Oak Writing, we continue to offer the inspiring camps and workshops our young writers have come to love while, at the same time, branching out to new locations (the Wilson Center in Brookfield, Retzer Nature Center in Waukesha, and Mount Mary College, of late) and create new offerings. We like to think of “Red Oak” as a new name for an old friend.

Red Oak will always be grateful to Judy Bridges who taught that first young author camp so many years ago and who has nurtured young writers (and their coaches!) ever since.