Camp FAQ for Parents

Who will be teaching my child?
Red Oak Director, Kim Suhr, is the lead writing coach for every session. Kim is a published author and certified educator with many years of classroom experience. Our other coaches have been chosen for their innovative ideas and their great rapport with young people. They teach the Creative Writing Camps because they love sharing their passion for writing. Each session is staffed with assistants who attended multiple summers at camp and return to mentor because they enjoy working with our young writers.

(Note: the writing coach to young writer ratio is 1:7)

What will my child be doing? Will s/he be writing ALL day?!?
Each day, the young writers will participate in a variety of activities to spark their creativity and hone their writing skills. From structured exercises and sharing indoors to “sacred” writing time outdoors, days are filled with variety and purpose. At the end of the day, participants and coaches alike are amazed at how fast the day has gone and wish aloud for a little more time together.

Who will be learning with my child? Participants in Creative Writing Camps come from far and near, and write at a variety of levels. They are not necessarily writing prodigies, but they do display a love of writing and a strong respect for others who do, too. Becoming a part of a writing community of their peers is an affirming experience for young people who might not have writing friends at school or in their neighborhood.

What about “the basics”?
While fundamental skills are necessary to good writing, ours is not a grammar or remedial course. Our focus is on helping young writers find their voice and use it effectively in whatever genre they choose.